NEWS AC-SCHNITZER IMPORTATORE UFFICIALE FRANCO ALOSA SRL serie1 F40 serie 2 F87 serie Z4 G29 serie 5 serie 8 G16

venerdì 24 aprile 2020
NEWS AC-SCHNITZER IMPORTATORE UFFICIALE FRANCO ALOSA SRL serie1 F40 serie 2 F87 serie Z4 G29 serie 5 serie 8 G16


mercoledì 9 gennaio 2019
BMW 8er by AC Schnitzer BMW M5 & BMW M5 Competition by AC Schnitzer AC3 Evo 21" Lightweight forged wheels

NEWS FRANCO ALOSA MINI JCW F57 2018 CON CAMBIO AUTOMATICO 283.5 CV a 6180 giri e 417 Nm a 2700 giri... riprogrammazione centralina e finale di scarico challenge.

martedì 13 novembre 2018

M5 F90 AC Schnitzer 700CV 850 Nm di coppia

domenica 21 ottobre 2018
M5 F90 AC Schnitzer Registra: con 7: 29,5 min. la M5 di AC Schnitzer è la M5 più veloce del Nürburgrin Il record del Nordschleife è stato guidato, proprio come il giro record al Sachsenring, da Jörg Müller. Con la M5 di AC Schnitzer ha battuto il record precedente della BMW M5 standard di 9 secondi. Il nuovo target time per la M5 sul Nordschleife è ora di 7: 29.50 min. La M5 di AC Schnitzer è quindi anche più veloce della Porsche 911 Carrera S, della Mercedes AMG GTS e della BMW M4 GTS Coupé.


In the world of tuning, it is not easy to find eclectic mixers able to get their hands on any type of car, always taking the best out of every engine and calibrating the interventions to suit every need.
Franco Alosa is one of these, indeed, one of the few.
Each tuner is a character in its own right, which interprets the work in its own way and consequently turns to a certain type of clientele.

Leaving aside the charming exterior, in the field of mechanics are many to deal with soft tuning and more than they do not push themselves into the changes by being satisfied with a handful of horses.
But there are also those who think "those who have more or so much more" and the preparations it offers are of the "no limits" type, from the distortion of the engine to very generous turbine transplants to pull out improbable powers from the engines.
From the point of view of the client's satisfaction, the Florentine trainer is able to satisfy every desire, even the most bizarre.

The passion for the preparations pushed Alosa, after having worked for many years with her brothers, to abandon the family business and the activity of repairer to devote herself exclusively to what was her vocation: the tuning of road cars.
The shed where it operates is located at the gates of Florence, next to the Peretola airport.

And when the specialists of the sector have nothing in production for that model of car, we do not lose heart and we self build the pieces we need.
Meeting the needs of an extremely demanding and attentive clientele is our primary objective in everyday work ». The Florentine preparer is a character of few words but who knows his business. Preparing a car is a process that requires commitment and dedication. Let the satisfied customers and his roller counter talk about him.

Lascia che a parlare di lui siano i clienti soddisfatti e il suo banco a rulli.
The "sancta sanctorum", the nine test of the set-up: a four-wheel drive braking bench on which, before and after the intervention, all the cars that require a motorization process for the certification of the benefit obtained pass before and after the intervention.



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